Sunday, 18 July 2010

I only play 6 games of chess per day, will I ever be any good?

Playing hundreds of rounds of chess per day is not a guarantee that you will master the game itself. Just like any other sport, mastery of the game involves good coaching and good training materials. Of course, talent plays a significant part in the equation itself. But just like the belief of László Polgár, the father of grandmaster Susan Polgar and her two other sisters who are also masters of chess, geniuses are made, not born. One quality coaching session of chess every day is more effective than playing tens of games every day without proper guidance, coaching, and feedback. Moreover, be sure to play with people who are greater than you. You may lose the battles, but you will eventually win the war by gaining insight of the game even if you will lose all the time. Turn the loses into small steps in your continuing goal to learn something.

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