Sunday, 7 February 2010

Why are Chessmen best weighted?

Wood has been the most abundant material in the product of the greatest variety of chessmen over the last few centuries. These chess pieces are abound in various shapes, sizes and different types of wood. For example, dark ebony wood is the costliest material for quality and the finest pieces of chessmen available and also the most desirable.

For most chess players, weight adds to the desirability of the set of chess pieces. They enthuse the player to play better, give them a massive feel and also tend to tip over less. Not that they have to so weighty that they become difficult to handle but just enough to give the professional feel and touch to it. Many expert chess players purchase these chessmen over the net, and they are available in various types and of a variety of prices and material. Like, Golden Rose wood chess pieces, consisting the most  elegant chess pieces in beautiful Golden Rosewood with extra queens. Or the Ebonized Box Wood chess pieces. Jet-black pieces contrasting well with the light-yellow boxwood. Standard Staunton chess pieces- a simple Staunton set of playable chessmen, a tad bit smaller than the standard club size, solid, very playable, weighted and works wonders for any game of chess.

These chess pieces are priced anywhere between £62.95 to £75.95,going down to £28.95 for the Standard Staunton pieces. For chess players, looking for chess pieces a bit more expensive and sophisticated, the 3 3\4”Ebony and Kari Wood fits the bill perfectly. Costing one a neat £159.95 it is hand-polished, triple weighted with leather bottoms, and crafted from select Ebony and Kari wood and is definitely worth the money. So all you players out there what are you waiting for? To own a set of chessmen like these, one of a kind, is every chess players dream come true. So go get yours fulfilled.