Tuesday, 29 December 2009

What makes for a quality chess set?

Chess, the best of the games in the world plays a vital role in imparting perfection among the humans. So the need for a quality chess set is necessary in order to make the player a quality producing player. The chess board must be of top quality which is an aesthetic that attracts the players towards the game. The chess board should be highly reliable and must produce a long life. The dimensions of the squares inscribed in the board should be standardized and should be perfectly designed during manufacture. It adds the beauty to the aesthetic game. The material to be incorporated to produce the board must withstand the adverse effects to the board. In case of wooden boards it should be highly polished and varnished.

Chess pieces should be stable, light weight and modern too. The design should add beauty to the pieces such that it attracts. The pieces should be highly distinguishable in their features based on their rank in the war of game. An easy identification to the players is necessary in case of chess pieces based on the ranks in the Warfield. The lowest or the eighth ranked pawns must be of same size and it should be the shortest of all the pieces available. Moreover the differentiation to the King and Queen pieces is important. The inclusion of manual about the pieces adds quality to the set as it may be used even by the budding artists of the game.

These are the attributes to be added in the manufacture regarding the pieces of the set and the board. Moreover an adherence to the international standards is an added advantage while manufacturing the chess set. Adherence to the international shapes with the above specified secondary attributes in higher proportion is an important feature of quality associated with the chess set. Thus the clear picture of the quality chess set is above specified attributes and nothing more than that. Manufacturers can be ethical for this ethical and the perfectionist’s game. 

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Improving Ones Chess Game

If you are a newbie, this article would help you win through a game of chess. Basically one needs to get a better understanding of the game and the wise moves to make.
There are three stages of a chess game:

  • ·        First is the opening stage. Here you need to be prepared to make wise moves regardless of the coins you get to play with-black or white. The general rule however is: if you get to play black, do not go on to attack until you get an opening, just play a defense game. The aim of this stage is not to move all the forces out immediately. For instance, forcing ahead all your pawns is stupid. Save one or two to block your opponents.
  • ·        Next is the middle stage. Playing this stage involves a deep analysis of the coins on the board (a king and a pawn combinations works well most of the time). Your position of coins too plays an important role. Place and move the coins such that you target either more than one force of your opponent at a time or aim for a checkmate.
  • ·        Next is the end stage. What you are likely to (lose or win) should decide your moves. If you have more no. of pieces than your opponent, it doesn’t mean that you can win. A pawn reaching the end of the board on your side can well be a crucial checkmate while your powerful coins might be blocked from movement. So be careful. If you have pieces and are losing by position, try to aim multiple checks at your opponent which might force the game to a draw.

These strategies will certainly help but it is wise to play the game according to the concepts and adopt the strategies with the progress of the game.