Friday, 20 May 2011

Chess as a Pastime

Many people, who aren’t much into playing chess, feel it is a rather boring game with two people sitting over a chess board, staring intently at the pieces, taking time to make a single move and being deeply engrossed in thoughts for hours. But to the players who are actually participating in the game, nothing gives more pleasure than to anticipate what move the opponent will make and think of counter attacks and strategies so that he/she is defeated. There is a rush of thrill and intense pleasure known only to those people who’ll trade almost anything for a good satisfying game of chess which will require them to use their grey cells lot more than usual against strong opponents.

The origin of chess is still disputed. But the story goes that it has its origins in ancient India in the 7th century. There is a popular legend that goes to say that an Indian king named Balhait had asked a wise scholar to devise a game that will keep his people from getting addicted to and playing more and more gambling games. He insisted that the game should help one to think logically before making a move. Thus came the game of chess which has people hooked to it even today.

The game also became popular in Persia and the Arabian countries but found a strong foothold in Europe in the Middle Ages where it became a favorite pastime among the ruling classes. The Renaissance period of the 15th century brought about changes in the rules of the game reflecting the contemporary social hierarchies and till date, those rules are followed with some modifications.

The rules are very easy to learn and remember and of course practice makes it even perfect. You can play with a chess enthusiast or online where you have other players or softwares generating games for you to play. You can consult online chess experts and tutorials for suggestions and tips. Also books by famous grandmasters help, apart from acting as great sources of inspirations.

Chess is more than a mere pastime. It is a way of living for some people, of taking a break from everyday monotony, forget all your worries and cares and get deeply engrossed in this thrilling game. After all, nothing can give you greater pleasure than knocking off your opponents’ queen after a brilliant game!