Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Why do school teachers like kids playing chess?

Teachers, the second parents play an important role in child’s life. Chess one of the cool game liked by all always remained to be the famous sporting event not only at the international level but also in the primary levels. In order to make the dedication of teachers towards children a valuable one, technical skills should be imparted to the students. Teaching may not be the only way to impart the same. There must be external sources that make the children brainy and cheeky. The Masters game Chess plays a vital role in achieving the same. Teachers always like the inclusion of chess as the sporting event or competition in the school level. They like it being implemented in the schools from junior to senior levels especially among the kids to synchronize the growth of their brain to the growth of the ethical, competitive world.

Chess is correlated with the growth of the child nowadays and the research over it is done. It enhances creativity among the children and simulates their brain at the critical situations. Thus the problem solving skills gets developed among kids right from their young age. Thinking process of the children is active here and increases their concentration power by not allowing them to distract from the game. This art and elegancy of the game makes the kids to improve their reasoning skills. It teaches the importance of observation and adherence over any activity or towards the game.

Studies are conducted all over the world in making the above specified attributes to function more efficiently. Intelligence among the kids is significant in this intellectual world. The teachers strongly believe that the intelligence can be incorporated by making the kids play chess rather than any other games. Being an extra curricular activity it enables kids to improve towards their curriculum. These attributes makes the teachers like kids playing chess and recommend the same.