Friday, 16 October 2009

Filipino GrandMaster, Eugene Torre

I myself am a big fan of chess. I was in 3rd grade when I learned this interesting sport. One of the figure I really look up to at that time was my older brother, Byron. He used to be a chess whiz and a champion himself. He used to compete in schools. When I was learning chess at that time, my brother introduced a very important person in the world of chess- none other Eugene Torre. Torre is one of the respected players of all time, being the first Asian GrandMaster. Many watched his games and even learn techniques from them. He is considered as one of the strongest and best-produced chess player in the Philippines!He marked the 80's-90's era in our history. By beating chess champions by champions, Eugene Torre brought us fame and created a name in the world history. We can proudly share our story that one of the greatest chess players in the world live in our country and in our hearts. We owed our love of the game from Torre.