Friday, 20 May 2011

Chess as a Pastime

Many people, who aren’t much into playing chess, feel it is a rather boring game with two people sitting over a chess board, staring intently at the pieces, taking time to make a single move and being deeply engrossed in thoughts for hours. But to the players who are actually participating in the game, nothing gives more pleasure than to anticipate what move the opponent will make and think of counter attacks and strategies so that he/she is defeated. There is a rush of thrill and intense pleasure known only to those people who’ll trade almost anything for a good satisfying game of chess which will require them to use their grey cells lot more than usual against strong opponents.

The origin of chess is still disputed. But the story goes that it has its origins in ancient India in the 7th century. There is a popular legend that goes to say that an Indian king named Balhait had asked a wise scholar to devise a game that will keep his people from getting addicted to and playing more and more gambling games. He insisted that the game should help one to think logically before making a move. Thus came the game of chess which has people hooked to it even today.

The game also became popular in Persia and the Arabian countries but found a strong foothold in Europe in the Middle Ages where it became a favorite pastime among the ruling classes. The Renaissance period of the 15th century brought about changes in the rules of the game reflecting the contemporary social hierarchies and till date, those rules are followed with some modifications.

The rules are very easy to learn and remember and of course practice makes it even perfect. You can play with a chess enthusiast or online where you have other players or softwares generating games for you to play. You can consult online chess experts and tutorials for suggestions and tips. Also books by famous grandmasters help, apart from acting as great sources of inspirations.

Chess is more than a mere pastime. It is a way of living for some people, of taking a break from everyday monotony, forget all your worries and cares and get deeply engrossed in this thrilling game. After all, nothing can give you greater pleasure than knocking off your opponents’ queen after a brilliant game!

Sunday, 30 January 2011

How Chess Can Help Your Child

You don’t need to be told that chess is a great strategy game. Anyone who can play chess knows there is a very complex ‘thinking’ process behind it, a player must think every move through, consider the consequences, and also plan the long-term strategy in order to win the game. That is why chess is a great exercise for the mind, and it can help your child in many ways. It's also why it's great to own fine chess sets for the family.

If you teach your child to play chess at a young age, you would be giving him great experience and wisdom which would no doubt benefit him in various situations that he comes across during his life. Chess is known to raise a child’s IQ scores – as it raises his level of thinking and encourages him to think better. The thinking process is purified and made more patient, thus the child can make correct decisions patiently.

Chess also shows children how to make complicated decisions without taking the help of others. They become independent of outside opinion, and thereby chess helps your child to become a potential great decision-maker later on in his life. If you would like to engage his creativity and his original thinking, then chess does that too – as a child needs to imagine moves in his head before actually making the move. Thus his power of imagination is increased, and he can think more originally.

In chess, a child has to look at a problem from all the angles and has to consider all the possible solutions. Thus it helps him to establish his problem-solving skills. Lastly, chess also helps to improve a child’s reading, language power, math and power of memorization – skills that one needs in chess as well as in life. So teach your child chess to see these various benefits on his personality.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Learn chess the right way

When it comes to playing chess, you need to learn how to go about the game in the right way. There are several different ways in which the process can be worked out. First of all, you need to ensure that when you are playing a game of chess you are focused on the kind of moves you are making. That is extremely necessary and provides you with all the best types of options when you are looking for a way to learn chess. Take a look at all the different strategic moves that you can make. Once you are ensured the best kind of chess games it is likely to get easier for you to play the game properly.

There are some moves in the game of chess which you need to look into carefully. It is always a very good idea to ensure that you are making these moves the right way. Once this is taken care of, it becomes a lot easier for you to play the game of chess properly. Make it a point to find out all the best deals and options when you are playing an online game of chess.

Take a look at all the options which are likely to make the process of learning chess a whole lot easier. You are likely to get the best kind of options when it comes to playing chess. There are plenty of different options. Find out the different moves which you can make because that is essential in understanding what is needed. With more and more options it gets a lot easier for you to get all the best kind of deals. Find out how you can be assured of what is necessary. This will allow you the opportunity to play your game even better and with all the relevant moves.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Need help with chess?

Do you need a lot of help with chess? Just make sure that you are playing chess to be assured a great time. This is primarily because it always makes a lot of sense to understand what kind of moves you need to make when you are playing chess. Find out what your different options are. This also makes the process a whole lot easier. Get all the best deals and options so that you can play chess really well. Once you have learnt some of the basic tips and tricks of chess, the process is going to get a lot easier for you.

You will be guaranteed a great time because chess usually requires a lot of dedication and ensures a great time to anyone who is playing chess. There are so many different options available. You don’t always need to play chess on a board but even get to play it online whenever you want. This is extremely advisable so that you can practice quite frequently. Make sure that you play chess quite often because that is likely to provide you with a better idea of how exactly the game is played. You will really enjoy the overall process of playing chess the right way.

There are certain moves which you need to make so that you can play the game a whole lot better. It definitely always makes sense to go in for everything relevant so that you are assured the best experience while playing chess. Keep a lot of important factors in mind while playing the game. It always makes sense to play the game when you know what kind of moves to make. That is vital to the overall process of playing chess. So enjoy the game and be assured a great time while you are playing this interesting board game.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Basics of chess

There are several different ways in which you can approach chess. First of all, you need to be well aware of what the game of chess involves. A lot goes into ensuring that you are playing chess properly. Find out what is required because that is definitely likely to help you in improving chess properly. The pre requisite to ensuring that chess is played well is through setting up the game properly. Once this is entirely done with you will find it a whole lot easier to look at all the other options involved in making the best chess moves.

Start the game of chess with a focus on ensuring that you do not end up spending too much time on some of the simpler moves. You need to avoid this and speculate more over the difficult moves. This is likely to ensure that you are guaranteed some excellent moves on chess. Ensure that you have a proper understanding of what checkmate, stalemate and check is. This is extremely relevant in your understanding of what the game involves. Find out more about different options and you are likely to be ensured the best kind of moves in chess.

Once you learn the basics of chess it is likely to get a lot easier for you to play the game well. This will ensure that you have some excellent options on what is required and needed. Find out a lot of options so make sure that you are ensured excellent chess moves. Get a whole range of options on what is needed. You need to learn some of the best moves to be guaranteed a whole range of excellent chess playing options. You will really enjoy the game of chess. Just play it the right way because you will have a great time.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Play excellent chess

Do you need options in playing chess really well? There are so many different ways you can be ensured a great time while playing chess. First of all, keep in mind that chess is a game which needs to be played really seriously. You have to ensure that you are focusing on the game because that is extremely important if you are looking to play the game really well. You can practice several times before you actually get down to playing chess. So make sure that you focus on playing the game well. There are plenty of different deals and options which are likely to help.

First of all, find out more about your chess playing options. How frequently can you play chess? This depends entirely on how much time you are willing to dedicate to the process of playing chess. You need to ensure and find out different ways in which the game becomes extremely exciting for you. There are lots of moves which are considered to be illegal. Make sure that you stay away from these moves. If you don’t then you are likely to be disqualified from a professional game. So make sure that you don’t make these mistakes to be assured an excellent game of chess.

More importantly, you need to be well aware of all your options. There are plenty of different moves which you can make. But you need to deliberate very carefully to know what is required when it comes to chess. So get all the best deals which will make the process a whole lot easier. Find out your options to be guaranteed an excellent time while playing chess. Be assured that you will have a great time while playing chess. So find out how to make the process of playing chess really interesting and have a great time.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


When you play a game of chess, obviously your intention is to win. Indeed, that is the objective of any chess game. This article will tell you how to win a game of chess.

When your king is under attack and is being threatened with capture, it means it is in check – that implies you must protect it from being checkmated. So you must either move your piece, capture the attacking piece (if possible), of block the attack (note that this will not be possible for a knight check). Most people usually prefer to move the king as this is the easiest option and works for most cases. Sometimes capturing the attacking piece may not be possible as the other pieces may not be aligned properly. Blocking the attack also works – you can either move a bishop or a rook, or indeed any other piece, to protect your king.

You can win a game of chess with checkmate – this means that you would be attacking your opponent’s king and creating such a situation where he cannot move or block the attack. You don’t need to actually capture the king, but you must make capture inevitable – that means the game is over. Of course, you may also create a situation where capture is imminent and your opponent player decides to resign rather than wait to be checkmated – that means even in that case you have won.

You should remember that sometimes a game of chess might end without a winner. This means it is a draw. This is through stalemate, or if both players agree to a draw. There is also the threefold repetition (where the same position occurs three times in a row with the same player to move), or the 50-move rule (where no pawn has been moved and no piece has been captured for 50 consecutive moves by either player).

Friday, 13 August 2010

How ChessBaron Came About

A 3 year old video showing how ChessBaron Chess Sets came about

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Chess with dice as pieces

Duell chess is the chess variant played with dice as the piece. Here the number over the dice represents the kingdom. The two different colors separate the army. It uses a board of size 8*9. The aim is to capture the ‘key piece’ which is equivalent to king.

The pieces are arranged in 8 rows of 9 squares in the form of 5 1 2 6 1 6 2 1 5. The center piece 1 denotes the ‘key piece’. The pieces with the face denoting 3 are arranged as soldiers. The pieces are moved in the direction along with turning the face. Hence the number over the face changes in every move. The move is usually with 90 degree. The aim is to capture key piece or occupy key square.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

I only play 6 games of chess per day, will I ever be any good?

Playing hundreds of rounds of chess per day is not a guarantee that you will master the game itself. Just like any other sport, mastery of the game involves good coaching and good training materials. Of course, talent plays a significant part in the equation itself. But just like the belief of László Polgár, the father of grandmaster Susan Polgar and her two other sisters who are also masters of chess, geniuses are made, not born. One quality coaching session of chess every day is more effective than playing tens of games every day without proper guidance, coaching, and feedback. Moreover, be sure to play with people who are greater than you. You may lose the battles, but you will eventually win the war by gaining insight of the game even if you will lose all the time. Turn the loses into small steps in your continuing goal to learn something.

Monday, 12 July 2010

The Sidewinder Chess Set in Sheesham wood

This is the most exquisitely decorated non-theme chess set I have ever seen so far from ChessBaron. Even the pawns have unique personalities in them as they are also well-furnished with ornamentation. The sets can easily bring to mind pictures of cannibals in the forests from somewhere. I especially like the white pieces, the cream coloring is just right and each piece look immaculate. As expected, the knights receive more care and craftsmanship just like in any chess sets. All pieces look hardy enough worthy of cannibals they were patterned after. If you have a taste for the exotic, this set is your best choice. There is no doubt that this set is a true pride of ChessBaron.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Nice post on

Thanks to George Duval for his recent post on where he's referenced ChessBaron as a source of 'blunder proof' chess equipment. Blunder-proof (or blunderprone) is George's name on and on his own blog. Quite a character.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Weighted Russian Special Chess Set with 4.25 inch King

The Weighted Russian Special Chess Set with 4.25 inch King is a perfect blend of clear simplicity and Russian tradition. The neat lines are notably the most distinguishing factor that can set this set apart from other good chess sets from ChessBaron. The king accentuates its aristocratic look and feel with by its 4.25 inches height. The knight lucidly radiates confidence with its pretty hair lines and nice curves. All pieces are double weighted to ensure stability and easy movement on the board. The bottom of each piece is felt lined. To give ideal proportion, the squares on the board are a perfect 1.75 inch square each. The overall feminine design of Weighted Russian Special Chess Set with 4.25 inch King makes it an ideal present for women and other chess players looking for a less-manly appealing chess sets.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Compact Magnetic Travel Chess Set

Now this is the real travel chess set! The Compact Magnetic Travel Chess Set does not only give fun while you are away, but is can also showcase your taste for chess. Given with a lacquered finish, the board and the chess pieces are more than just toys. They are the best travel chess set at a great price around. The downside of this set is its size (3.5 by 7 inches (8.75 by 18 cm)). If you are the type who hates carrying something around, this one is not for you. If you sacrifice portability for style and functionality, this is your perfect choice. The pieces will pop out of their storage positions after you flip over the board. This set is cool, and in style--created simply for you.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Contemporary Modern chess set E2003

If you need a simple, yet striking design for a chess set, the Contemporary Modern chess set is the perfect choice. The set was made from golden brown sheesham, a favorite wood material by chess carvers. The name of the set suggests its contemporary look due to notable straight lines and an intentional omission of additional details. This one is an ideal choice for those who want a simple, functional chess set yet exhibiting taste and style. However, their overly simplistic feature is surely a turn off factor for those who wants intricate designs on a chess set. If you need a show off set with tastes for the contemporary, get Contemporary Modern chess set.

Friday, 4 June 2010

M7009 American Staunton in Black and White Chess Set with 4 inch King

It is hard to find top quality lacquer-painted chess sets today. The American Staunton in Black and White Chess Set with 4 inch King has a good lacquer finish. If you are looking for a good departure from the conventional, you need to get this one. If you also believe that life should be a black and white affair, then getting this set is the closest means of expression you can have. This set is made from fine chidar so you are assured of high value pieces that can last for several generations. You will know that the pieces are good because of their weight. Each piece of this set is heavily weighted to cater to your needs.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

M3009 American Staunton in Dark Green-White Gloss Chess Set

Chess was a predominantly male game even when it was at its infancy. It was a favorite pastime of generals and the European ruling elite in the previous centuries. Even today, most players of this game are males. It is just natural that chess pieces are designed to appeal to male sensitivities like the American Staunton in Dark Green-White Gloss Chess Set. This set is a perfect gift for a husband, a father, a brother, or a boyfriend.  The bottom of each piece is lined with leather. The pieces themselves are carved from Blackened Chidor. This set can be expected to reach even after several generations, hence, making it a perfect family treasure in the future.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Chess Baron Isle of Lewis Chess Pieces

Collectors and chess players alike rarely find a good chess set that is made of crushed marble. In Chess Baron Isle of Lewis Chess Pieces, you will not only find quality but a healthy dose of history as well. The pieces are carved with courtly details and each one portrays a personality apart from the other. Just look at those weary horses bearing the knights on their backs! The white pieces show the nice combination of craftsmanship and choice of color. However, the black pieces are not that attractive. Overall, this chess set is still a fine one given its material and rich historical side. Perfect for history buffs who play chess from time to time.

Monday, 17 May 2010

M2039 Song of Solomon Bud Rosewood Chess Set

Chess can be played anywhere but there are times that you want to be one with nature by playing outside, especially in your garden. There is no perfect chess set available to indulge your wish than the Song of Solomon Bud Rosewood Chess Set. This highly ornamented set is carved from the bud rosewood only. This one is your perfect garden companion (together with a loved one of course). The designs are very symmetrical that each piece only gives you total delight whatever angle you are looking at. You can spend a long time just inspecting each piece and forget about the game for a while. With its reasonable price, you will also be smiling all day after you will get this set. 

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

M2030 Hannah Grand Staunton Ebonised Chess Set

There is nothing grand about this set aside from its name. First, it was made from some other wood except ebony through the process called ebonising. Although the finished product looks the same like ebony, with no clear signs for grains and almost like a black plastic, it is still essentially an imitation. Second, the carvings themselves are not that good especially on the knights--they looked to be smiling confusingly instead of trying to display a menacing grin. The only good thing about this set is its triple weight feature. Aside from that, the Hannah Grand Staunton Ebonised Chess Set is not even worth spending your time around with.